Chris McGuire - Schlepp Films

Writer - Producer - Director - Actor


Acting Resume
SAG/AFTRA          Download Resume

Height: 6'
Hair: Reddish/Blond
Weight: 175 lbs
Eyes: Blue

One Live to Live                           
Day Player & U5 - Sgt. Putnam                 
ABC Productions
Monday Night Football Skit
Principal - Quarterback
White Collar Background Role Core FBI - 4 seasons USA

Guns, Shackles, & Winter Coats
Lead - Sgt John Brown                
La Muse Venale, NYC
Of Mice and Men
Supporting - Slim
Villagers Theater, NJ
Have You Met My Brother
Lead - Richard 
Curran, Rep, NYC

The Man With Midnight Eyes          
Lead - Murderer                        
Black Kraut Productions       
Lead - Delinquent
Zee-man Productions
Road Less Traveled Lead - Social Misfit
Romanski Film Corp
The New Sheriff
Lead - Psycho Bad Guy
The Conquistadors
The Devil Made Me Do It
Supp - Yuppie 
Matos Productions
Lead - Artist
New York Film Academy
Supp - Blind Man
New York University
One Last Kiss
Lead - Soldier
New York University
South Street
Lead - Thief
School of Visual Arts
States that Begin with E
Lead - Actor
School of Visual Arts
Lead - Love Interest
Montclair St University
Young Republicans
Lead - Hippie 
San Diego State University
Northwest Journey
Lead - Hippie
San Diego State University
Same Time Next Week
Lead - Wimp
Schlepp Films
Lead - Drunk
Schlepp Films
Driving Bobby Mad
Supp - Weakling
Schlepp Films
CULT Lead - Cult Member
Schlepp Films
Just Cause
Lead - Young Republican
Schlepp Films
Lost Track
Lead - Businessman
Schlepp Films
The Prophecy
Lead - Slacker
Schlepp Films
CanMan Lead - Beach Bum
Schlepp Films
The Plaza
Lead - Ringleader
Schlepp Films
The Bake-Off
Lead - Stoner
Schlepp Films
Easy Street
Supp - Foreman
Schlepp Films
Collateral Damage
Lead - Disgruntled Veteran
Schlepp Films
United We Stand
Lead - Social Revolutionary
Schlepp Films

Dramatic Training
Chekhov Technique                   
Chekhov Studio w/ Lenard Petit
Jason Bennett Actors Workshop
Actable Phrase Technique
John Dapolito - AWG Program
Eric Morris System Bova Actors Workshop
Improv Upright Citizens Brigade
Scene Study
Larry Singer Studios
On-Camera Technique
Breakthrough Studios w/ Tony Grasso
Voice & Movement
HB Studios
Method Acting
Florence Young
Chekhov Technique Actors Movement Studio w/Ragnar Friedank
Sub-Personality Work
JB Actors, BAW
Scene Study
Brooklyn College
Eric Morris

Comedic Timing, Character Transformation, Physical Comedy, Athletic

San Diego State University, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
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