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The following 'Notes' are study guides that I have created from books that I have read.  I am not the author, I did not write any of these myself. I merely typed up what I thought were useful bits of information. I invite everyone to reference and purchase the original works of which these came from. These free Notes are meant as a study guide and an introduction to these concepts/ideas.  I am a FAN of all of these works and highly recommend you seeking out the source material. 

Acting Notes                                      Writing Notes                                 Filmmaking Notes  
A Challenge for the Actor                                     Comic Perspective                                           Blink of An Eye
A Practical Handbook                                           Comic Structures                                             Cinematic Storytelling
A Sense of Direction                                             Crafty T.V. Writing                                            Directing
Acting as a Business                                             Inner Drives                                                    Film Art 
Acting for the Camera                                           Power Screenwriting                                       Film Directors Intuition
Acting One                                                            Screenplay                                                      5 C's Composition
Acting Power                                                         Screenwriting                                                  Making Movies
Actors Wheel of Connection                                 Seven Basic Plots                                           Master Shots
Audition                                                                 Stealing Fire from the Gods                            Shot by Shot
Auditioning                                                            Story                                                               The Power of Film                                          
Free Play                                                               The Anatomy of Story                                     Cinematography for Directors
Chekhov                                                                The Moral Premise                                         Actors Turned Directors
Chekhov Exercises
                                              The Soul of Screenwriting
Directing Actors                                                     The Art of Dramatic Writing
Dreamwork for Actors                                            The Writer's Journey
Energized Meditation                                             Writing for Emotional Impact                                                
Freeing the Actor                                                   Writing Short Films
How to Influence People
Intent to Live
Lessons for the Professional Actor
Morris System
Morris Exercises
On Chekhov
Power of the Actor
Respect for Acting 
Ritual Technology
The Actor and the Target
The Art of Acting
The Art of Film Acting
The Camera Smart Actor
The End of Acting
The Perfect Monologue
True and False
Truth - Personas, Needs, Flaws
Think & Grow Rich

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