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Schlepp Films

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         The Viral 'Harlem Shake' Series


Porn Star Doppelgänger Series

Don't Vote For Mitt Romney Series                                First Honest Guy Lobby PSA                                    

First Honest Marijuana PSA                                           Westboro 2.0: The Rise of the Eastboro Baptist Church  
The Ballad of March Madness                                       George Zimmerman's Vigilante Training Academy

Viva La Super Bowl - U Mad Bro?                                 Comic Book Man

The Plaza                                                                       The Bake-Off

Old Habits Die Hard                                                        CanMan

Just Cause (Contest Winner)                                                 C.U.L.T

STRUNK                                                                         Driving Bobby Mad

Same Time Next Week                                                   Old School Schlepp Films Vault

Love Knows No Bounds                         United We Stand                                    Agent of Change    
Collateral Damage                                  The Time Is Now (Contest Winner)               Wake Up!

Easy Street (Contest Winner)                         Reckoning Day                                      Lost Track
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