Chris is a hardworking artist who is dedicated to his craft. As an actor he has a strong versatility allowing him to play a broad range of characters and styles. Though he especially excels in serious drama/tragedy and in off-beat/dark comedy. Chris also excels in roles and stories revolving around the theme of "Free-Spirited Leaders". With an All-American look and charming demeanor, Chris works from the depths of his soul. He uses his acting skills
to access his deep wells of feeling, thought, and spiritual insight.

Chris is also a dedicated writer and filmmaker. A virtual one-man crew, Chris handles all aspects of production from writing, to producing, shooting, directing, and editing. His films can be seen on the 'Schlepp Films' page. His commercial work can be seen on the 'Commercial Contests' page. He is always on the lookout for work that has social relevance, touches the heart, reveals the human condition, and relishes in the absurd. His lines of communication are always open.
Chris McGuire - Writer, Actor, Filmmaker, Producer

Schlepp Films


    Chris McGuire

                                            Schlepp Films Goes Viral!
Chris produced a Viral Video Series that took the internet by storm. The videos have nearly 11 million views on Youtube. The breakthrough film, 'Harlem Reacts to Harlem Shake Videos' became a media hit and clips of it have aired on such networks as CNN, MSNBC, and Fuse. It has also been featured in Time Magazine, Washington Post, Huffington Post  and an endless stream of internet news sources.
                            Schlepp Films Wins Showtime's Video Contest!
Schlepp Films was recently awarded the $10,000 Grand Prize in Showtime's 'Shameless Film Festival.' The video 'Somewhere in New Jersey' was judged the winner by the Producers and Cast Members of the series! The win was a natural fit for Chris's brand of comedy. Schlepp Films 'Featured Member' Interview on the popular Commercial Video Crowdsourcing Platform

                                             Chris McGuire on 'HuffPost Live' - Interviewed by Abby Huntsman


Published Artist Interview with Chris McGuire
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